Lucy’s Story

I first came to Rachelle with so much fear – fear of lifting, pushing, pulling and just moving in general, in case I’d make my prolapse worse.   I’d had prolapse for a year and it had affected me not just physically but mentally too.

Rachelle started slowly and showed me correct techniques and empowered me to trust my body.  I have learned so much about breathing, my menstrual cycle, using my core and pelvic floor.  Every session was different and Rachelle is empathetic and intuitive – she has the magical ability to know what will make my body (and mind) feel great after each session.  She creates great sessions whether it’s in-person or online.

I can honestly say Rachelle has changed my life. I can now approach things like lifting my children, pushing a shopping trolley, picking up boxes with confidence.  I am stronger and love lifting weights (safely) in our sessions. I feel strong and have a better awareness of my body and listening to what it is telling me.  I have Rachelle to thank for this transformation and I can’t recommend her enough!

Lucy 37yrs old


Mary’s Story

Rachelle is more than a movement coach, she is a life coach. She is not, of course, offering that service, but each time I visit she puts up with me talking about my life, family, work and stressors.  

If I have a busy week and arrive (late!!) she will adjust the session to relax my body and mind. 

If I am ready to be pushed she runs a session that gets me huffing and puffing. 

If I am stiff and sore, she runs a session that makes me more flexible again. 

Along the way we talk (it is usually me talking) about all the things in life that impact my body: carrying a baby around, hunching over a computer at work, poor posture when studying, lack of exercise, fatigue, etc. 

Her advice and support is always appreciated, except when she tries to give me ‘homework’… because I am the worst client and hardly ever do it! 

I originally began to see Rachelle due to a bladder prolapse and pelvic floor issues (made worse by a previous ‘hard core’ fitness professional and an attempt to start running). I was also seeing a physio and specialist, but my weekly sessions with Rachelle helped me regain control in these areas. I learnt how to strengthen and support them with, building slowly from breathing to more active techniques. Not only did my confidence and control improve but my specialist can see physical improvements too.
Rachelle understands women; ageing; movement; connecting body, mind and nutrition; and the client’s need to have control over how they strengthen their body. She starts where you need to be, not moving your body forward until you are ready. Don’t expect commando ropes and truck tyres. Expect support and guidance towards movement that your body is ready for. She is awesome and I highly recommend her. 
Mary 51yrs old. 


Shay’s Story

Rachelle Clayton has been AMAZING, from not being able to walk properly or stand on one leg to now being able to move and walk the shops with my kids has been so great.

Her neurological whole body approach is world class and life changing.

I had been to trainers, chiropractors, physiotherapists, pilates instructors and acupuncturists for over a decade with no results. I would exercise and be in pain.

Now I am finally able to live and move and well on the way to being fit fab and 50.

Game changer.

Shay Whitton


Cindie’s Story

In 2015, I had Emergency spinal surgery. I had a prolapsed disc in my lower back and it pressed on a nerve and I lost the ability to use my right leg. Before any major damage, I had it repaired. My surgeon made me promise to join a gym to lose weight.
I started with yoga and Pilates; however, I’m not ok being left to do poses and do them incorrectly and injure myself further. So, I stopped.
Fast-forward 2 years.
I was on FB and saw a “Mee Active” Post, & messaged Rachelle a little bit about myself (I’ll bet she wishes, that “little bit” was all that was wrong with me!!!)
I went for my session to meet and greet, and, it was decided a PT session to see what I could/couldn’t do was needed.
(So, my left ankle which pops out when putting shoes on puts strain on my right knee which I had reconstructed in 2010 which puts stress on my lower back that I had operated on just 2 years prior!!!) AND… I don’t like to sweat.
I was put on the treadmill and I was lucky to be on a 3. My knee clicked, I puffed like a pack-a-day smoker. I had to hold on.
I could bend down and touch my knees.
I couldn’t kneel on the floor.

I couldn’t get up from the floor without grunting and groaning and without the aide of the bar.
The night before my real first PT session, I climbed into bed… and popped my reconstructed knee. I was determined to turn up and do my session… albeit using a walking stick and with my knee in a brace (thigh to calf).
Rachelle was the first person I called (before my husband, Doctor and boss). Rachelle worked with me. She helped me strengthen my knee and toss the brace. (Doctor said another surgery was required!)
This was September 2017.
Last night, I did my second boxing class. I’m not awesome at it, but I enjoyed it… even through the sweat.
I can kneel to do Cat pose. I walk at a 6 on the treadmill, and if my gossip is good, I can bump that up to 6.3!
I can squat.
I can bend down and touch the floor with my palms.
I don’t like the bike. I’m not a fan, so I’m not even asked to get on it anymore. (The whinging is not worth the pain.)
I lift weights.
I breathe better and I’m more conscious of my breath. How my breath helps me do things.
I’m incredibly uncoordinated, but, when my brain engages and my body reacts, I CAN DO. And, if I hadn’t met Rachelle at Mee Active, I would definitely have injured myself time and again and been the couch potato that I was happy being because I was safe there.

Cindie B


Chrissy’s Story

I wanted a coach who would not focus on the number on the scale. Instead, I wanted a coach who would gently guide me to better health by being non-judgemental towards me.

Rachelle had me set weekly goals that were obtainable. For the most, I met or exceeded those weekly goals.

Just the other day I was able to unload groceries out of the car without feeling like it was an impossible task. This would have been a struggle to do before I started working with Rachelle.

Chrissy B


Jo’s Story

I initially was recommended by two separate sources that advised that I should visit Rachelle at MEE ACTIVE. I finally listened and was ready to move forward and try and improve my health and strength. Before the first session I was nervous but really looking forward to see if I could improve my health, reduce my daily pain and become as strong as I could with what I had to work with.

What a revelation! After that first session and for the whole week following I used the No.1 lesson that I took away from that session. I learnt how to breathe to protect my pelvic floor. I found that when using the breathing techniques whilst performing my everyday home duties, the pain reduction was phenomenal. In some cases there was no pain, whereas before I would always experience pain. I actually felt, for the first time in many years that there may be a chance of improving my situation.

I was really surprised when I was on holidays for two weeks how much walking and other activities I could cope with. I didn’t have high hopes of being able to participate in all activities with the family. We walked a trail 8 kms long and I did the whole beautiful walk. I only missed part of one activity and that was because my knees were having troubles with the different ground levels. It certainly built my confidence and knew that I was on the right track and improving.

The biggest success so far is that I feel so much stronger and the severity and frequency of the pain has reduced
substantially. Small tasks that used to cause pain and were so difficult now seem easy and I feel like I am getting my life back bit by bit.

I avoided trying something different for a long time. I am so glad I gave the program a go. In retrospect I should have started ages ago.
Give it a go and you may be surprised like I am with the change in myself and feeling that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Rachelle. Joanne K


Carolines Story

The Body Acceptance Project was a real eye opener for me.

The real Aha moment was the wording change to body acceptance from body love.

I found myself getting conflicted with the idea of how to love myself and still want to change things about myself. Changing the concept to body acceptance has totally flipped that and it makes sense now.

The part about listening to your body really hit home too, being present while eating and listening to what your body needs totally made sense and has given me the tool I need to be conscious of the food I am eating without judgement. Really life changing tools and THANKYOU! Caroline.