We run sessions from our Upper Coomera studio or online worldwide via zoom and skype

We have morning and during the day coaching

Night Coaching 2 nights a week

Please enquire to find a time that is suitable

This varies widely depending on your needs.

Please contact us for more information.

YES! We run our group programs a few times a year.

To find out when our next one is being run please contact us.

Absolutely! We are trained professions who hold certificates and education in a variety of areas of health and wellbeing. Extensive training has been done on the Core & Pelvic Floor as well as Women’s health and hormones.

3rd Age Peri to Post menopausal women

Female Health & Performance coaching

Rehabilitative Coaching

Motion & Body IQ

Mind-Body connection

We hold current insurance and are members of governing bodies within the fitness industry.

We sure can! As a matter of fact we work closely with your health professionals to make sure you are receiving the best care possible

We offer advice from the Australian Dietary Guidelines and work closely with Dieticians and nutritionists. We will never sell you shakes, potions, lotions or pills. We prefer to work with you on creating a healthier lifestyle incorporating a balanced and mindful approach to nutrition.

You will be welcomed and asked to fill out medical and other forms and we will go through any issues or concerns you have BEFORE we commence your programming.

For Private coaching we go deep to uncover exactly where we need to commence and you will be asked to complete a Body IQ lifestyle assessment as we look at all factors of your daily life. This is so we can start to create specific goals for you.

For group sessions you will be closely monitored throughout and gently encouraged. You will be guided and supported by your coach within the group and encouraged to share your experiences.

Wear comfortable clothing, bring some water. You will be advised if shoes are required before your first session which depends on what we are focussing on for you.

Bring a yoga mat if you have one.

Bring any medical certificates you think are relevant also.

This really depends on you. Some of the areas we cover:

  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Hormonal assessment
  • Stress and anxiety assessment
  • Movement patterns
  • Mobility and flexibility
  • Pelvic floor and breathing connection

Yes this is something we will always do as required

We know what it is like to start out as we have lived this also. You will be made to feel very comfortable and put at ease after your very first session. Our coaches are also Mental Health First Aid trained professionals.

As a general rule yes, however we would love to discuss this with you further to see if we are a good fit for each other. Please contact us to arrange a phone call to discuss your needs.

Absolutely we do. This is a very important part of our holistic programming and we have a dedicated program for this type of coaching.

Yes you can have your friend, sister, mother or other female partner join you

We are considered the best in the business for modified exercises and thinking outside the box coaching, so you are in good hands and will never be asked to do anything you do not want to do.

Yes definitely, you will be guided and educated and met at the ability you are at right now.

Our movement programs are designed to work with your body meeting you where you are at right now.

No it is not a problem. You will be gently guided at a capacity that suits you as well as educated on your body and it’s needs.

Yes we welcome diverse bodies and we have programs to suit all abilities

Yes with our dedicated Focus on Core program you will be able to start moving in a way that suits you and your needs. We are fully qualified in Core and Pelvic Floor for exercise health and our aim is to get you moving in a safe capacity that suits you!

Absolutely! You can take as many rest breaks as you need.

Depending on the type of coaching you require we use equipment like treadmills, bikes, hand weights, barbells, balls and resistance bands. This is not an exhausted list as we use an array of different tools to help you achieve your goals.

Yes! We have many women who we coach with restrictions on lifting and our job is to find you a balance making sure you are using your pelvic floor system correctly and safely.

Yes. We coach women after surgery and after they have been cleared by their specialist to gently get back into movement.

Yes. We will work with you after your surgery and you have been cleared by your doctor to gently get you moving in a capacity that suits you.

For your complimentary Guidance Call please book so we can discuss your individual requirements here