Private Coaching

We have developed this specialised program to help women integrate back into exercise safely.


In Person or Online Virtually

Women with pelvic floor dysfunction are scared or nervous to exercise for fear of making their condition worse and often do not know where to start. 

With our Focus on core program, we work closely with the individual to ensure they understand how important breath is as part of exercise and movement.

Often women do not understand the Core and Pelvic Floor system so we educate and make them aware of the importance of this system in everyday life.  

Our Focus on Core program offers a safe space for women to explore just what their body can do with the power of breath and the core system techniques. 

Our program is unique and completely individualised for each woman. 

We believe that everyone is unique and what is effective for some may not be for others. 


Anyone required to strengthen their core/pelvic floor muscles

Women who have had children 

Women who have pelvic dysfunction/prolapse 

Women who want to learn how to exercise in a safe and effective manner



Anatomy of the Core and Pelvic Floor

Breath Techniques 

How to integrate exercise back into your life safely

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM OUR “Focus on Core Program”

It will provide the necessary tools to help you deeply understand your mind and body.  

It will educate you to think more laterally about yourself.  

It will physically give you strength gains enabling you to do more in your day-to-day life.  

It will give you self-confidence, self-belief and self-worth through learning about what your body can do.  

It will allow you freedom to pick up the heavy things, feel confident in your bodies ability, understand your body IQ and how movement that matters is an important piece of the puzzle missing from your life.  

It will empower you to take ownership, get clarity around your wants and desires and plan your life accordingly.

It will help with body aches, pains and niggles and educate you on your own body and how it reacts to stimulus. 

It will allow you to bring movement back into your life where it otherwise may have been missing from fear.

All clients are assessed before/during and after each session and are referred on if required to a women’s health physiotherapist for further testing/diagnosis.

Why did I create the Focus on Core Program?

After attending a seminar on the core and pelvic floor I was immediately captured by the information I was learning and decided to take this back to my clients. After surveying all of my clients I found that a staggering 90% of these women have some form of pelvic dysfunction. I then decided that I must continue with this work so I went about studying further to completely understand the core and pelvic floor.

And the results speak for themselves.

I have successfully helped many women find their confidence again, go back to the gym, enjoy movement and their life with the strategies I teach.

Many also continue on with our programs and begin strength training incorporating core and pelvic floor training alongside which helps build their overall strength and fitness for life!