You may have felt it before, that twinge of a tummy flip that sends you into a spiral of “not”

Not good enough

Not worthy enough

Not healthy enough

Not doing enough and the list goes on…..

Anxiety and all it brings can be debilitating and crippling for many.

I’ve seen it in my clients time and time again. I’ve seen it in myself too.

Settle in for a story about just how anxiety and sleep deprivation can affect your ability to move or enjoy exercise with purpose.

Ms Anon contacted me via a referral for help with exercise and pelvic floor. She wants to feel better about herself, move more with purpose and not have chronic pain. She has quite a few chronic conditions that we need to consider and work with. When Ms Anon and i had our initial phone conversation she spoke at a mile a minute trying to relay all the relevant information to me. She told me of her chronic conditions and of her anxiety. I intuitively knew this woman wanted to be heard, this woman needed someone to understand what she was going through, this woman needed empathy and a gentle voice. She was at her wits end with her body. She had been pulled from pillar to post seeing different specialists and doctors trying to find answers and she kept coming up to a total brick wall.

Ms Anon is not the first client like this. As a matter of fact I see many clients each week the same.

Women who are running on their nerves.

Women who are SO freaking tired but they can’t sleep.

Women who ache in muscles, joints and bones.

Women who just do not know which way to turn.

Women who believe they cannot possible exercise because they are too sore, have a chronic condition or are so sleep or nutrient deprived they just don’t have the energy.

I get it, I really truely get it. (A story for another day)

Back to Ms Anon.

She has been coming to me for a month now and here is what i have worked on with her, in order.

-Really truly giving her the attention she deserves by actually LISTENING intently to what she is telling me

-Core and pelvic floor stability and breath work

-Sleep deprivation and how best we can overcome this for HER (she is a shift worker)

-Mindfulness and meditation that works for HER

– I have identified hormonal patterns which we work with, not against

– Gentle stretching and mindful movement which changes with her needs every week

– Slowly building up her trust in her body again with our programming

Here is what she has achieved so far:

-Identifying her daily needs

-Identifying that with the breath work she has been taught there is less pain in her body

-Identifying that her meditation actually works very well for her to get a nap in each day which is QUALITY sleep, helping her to feel energised and able to function

-Identifying that she has started to slowly trust in her body and her minds ability to send the signals it needs so she knows when to stop or when to go

-Identifying certain mindset and language that she uses does not help her currently and changing these little by little

Ms Anon is slowly and surely making wonderful progress. I can start to see some great changes within her. Not everyday is a good day however the good are starting to outweigh the not so good and as her coach this is a positive sign.

So, how about you?

How are you? Truly and deeply?

Do you suffer from injuries or conditions that stop you from moving?

Do you just want to know where to start?





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