The mind body connection is, I believe is the most significant principle I teach in my coaching practice.

Awareness and understanding of your unique body somehow get lost in transit when we get busy with our lives, growing families and growing up.

Taking on much responsibility and having limited time all creates a storm of un- connectedness.

And because I coach women who’s endocrine (hormonal) system is complex and individual it can take quite a while to come to a place of being in touch and really tuning into one’s body.

Aside from the mind body connection being the most significant principle I teach it is also the most challenging because it requires the client to completely stop and tune in.

And if you are anything like most women, finding the time to stop can be difficult!

3 ways to STOP and TUNE IN to your body

1. Breathe. Sit, lay, stand still and concentrate on breathing in deeply for a count of 4, hold that breath for a count of 4 and then exhale for a count of 4. In that time notice how you are feeling. What emotions are heightened? What thoughts are creeping in? What needs addressing to help you feel calmer?

2. Breathe and Body Scan. This is best done laying down. Taking slow and steady deliberate breathes in and out start at the top of your head and scan your body right through to the toes. Where do you feel tension or tightness? Where does your body ache? What is your body telling you right now?

3. Breathe and Touch. Sit, lay or stand still and begin to massage the top of your head, taking slow and steady deliberate breaths, feel your skull and notice if there is any tension or tight spots. You can do this with any part of your body and notice what you are feeling, where you are feeling it and why your body part needs the power of its own touch.

As always practice, practice, practice as much as you can the above.

These are some of the mind-body connection principles I teach in my practice, especially with women who live with pelvic organ prolapse and other injuries or medical conditions.
I also apply this with women who are highly stressed or anxious.

Applying this principle and clearing the mind of all distractions we are then able to go ahead with our session so the client gets the most from it and is tuned in to understand the tasks she is required to perform.

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